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A photo of me laughing with my hands to my head.

To reference the work of Joseph Campbell: 

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the Universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

This is what it means to follow your heart and answer that call.

I was called to walk the El Camino and backpack Europe in my early 20’s, and then life happened. Fast forward to mid 30’s: I finally made the decision to answer the call.

But answering the call came with a loaded gun pointed at my previous self and life. Apparently filled with fear, I needed to pull the trigger and jump and pray that I grew wings to help me fly with.

Although it took me time to grow said wings. (They were always there.)

I walked the El Camino de Santiago, a Spiritual Pilgrimage that’s been around before pagan time that the church adopted. The path has been walked for centuries. Hundreds of thousands a people each year set out to make this walk. This walk was just the beginning of making peace with my past. Shedding the years of conditioning of what my life should be rather than the deep heart-centered life I knew I longed for.

Life-changing to start, but I kept going: I walked and backpacked and hitchhiked all over Europe for an entire year. With no plans, next to no money and no contacts. Just an open heart to lead the way. I was taught the truth about family, love and life to honor and be my true self.

After coming back, my family had health issues, as did I. It took several years to Integrate all that I had done and been through. Learning to apply this new way of being challenged everything I had previously been living. Forging a new path in unknown territory with no one to lead the way is scary by itself, but it was to remind me we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are our own teachers and we do each have a significant part to play in the whole.

I’ve been meditating for 20 years and teaching it for over ten, and this solid foundation has helped me navigate the ups and downs, the storms. Opening up to deeper levels of happiness and joy. Living a heart-centered life. It’s my privilege to take the knowledge and wisdom of the past 20 years. To hold space towards your Soul-Alignment, to wholeness, a deep remembering we are whole: complete and perfect as we are.

When we align with this blueprint — as I do daily — to cultivate our great awareness we can grow any business from the ground up. From the inside out. Taking our dreams to new heights. I don’t just walk my talk, I live this and am excited to be on this journey with you. To light your path and help you unveil your blueprint to work and live from too.

As a full-time coach for the last three-plus years, I was coaching while I worked in the medical field without knowing that’s what I’ve been doing for the last decade or more. As a creative visionary leader it took me walking out of my old life on to the Camino to walk out of my suffering and into a life of JOY.

I’ve always been that person that asked too many questions, inspired and encouraged people to fall out of line and break the rules, to go for their dreams. These are the people I wished I had in my corner instead of being seen as the crazy one.

It’s not crazy to follow your dreams. It’s crazy not too. Life’s too short to live someone else’s life. If you’ve found yourself reading this and you’ve made it to this line, then something in you has called you here to listen to that pulse that has this one precious life for you and what you are here to do in it.

It sounds simple, but sometimes it’s anything but simple to do the scary thing. Do it afraid. Contact me now to get started on your coaching journey toward Soul-Alignment.

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