The Divine Mother Container

Beginning March 30, 2023, 7pm EST

Addressing the Mother Wound. 

It’s often over looked on our healing path as it’s one of the deeper core wounds that shapes our relationships.

All our relationships are shaped from this first relationship.

Our emotional Center is connected to an umbilical cord feeding us.

Energetically linking us in mind, body and spirit.

For decades women have been birthing in hospitals disconnected to themselves and their bodies.

Babies put in boxes.

What do you think this does to the psyche?

To the bodies of babies?

This course is for women ready to learn to reclaim their infant selves.

Remember their wholeness and unravel stories of separation.

To learn what nurturing really is.

To lean into a deeper sense of self love.

That can and will transform your relationship with yourself and others.

Bringing and restoring our family’s lineage begins with us right here.

This is a 90 day immersive container towards deep love.

Nurturing love.

Many want romantic love, and in our intimate relationships we are not fully aware that we work out our wounds if they haven’t been addressed.

You continue to recreate the needs that haven’t been met within in partnership.

When you develop the pillars within your life changes.

Come join a circle of women where we dive in together.

We are here to do some of our deepest healing together.

Birthing ourselves anew requires us to be with parts of ourselves that have previously gone unexamined.


Begins March 30 with 7pm weekly calls

$599 for the course

Payment plans offered

What’s covered in this container is the development of core-level nurturing patterns to support your daily life.

To create an Inner Pillar of the Divine Mother Development to establish a strong inner parent.

See what needs are asking to be addressed and met.

Discern how to meet these needs.

Discover our nurturing profile.

To ask to have our needs met with those around us to receive healthy connections and love.

Angela has a decade of experience working with the Mother Wound and supporting clients with inner child healing.

As a Medicine woman she’s held this role for hundreds of people over the years and also been addressing this work with herself, to support and guide those woman ready to reclaim their deepest love and joy.

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