Money Mystery School

Welcome to the Free Money Mystery School Class!

Coming Fall 2024

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to transform your beliefs surrounding money and its connection to the Universe. Embark on a journey with me to explore the modern currency system and its evolution into what we know today.

Together, we will delve into both innovative concepts and ancient wisdom, seeking a deeper understanding of this influential force we call money.


💰 What role does money play in our lives? 💰

Take a moment to reflect on your hidden beliefs about money. It permeates every aspect of our existence, and the world has so much money available to each of us. When we learn to connect with this energy in a fresh way, we can unravel our previous thoughts and emotions tied to it. As a result, the possibilities become limitless.

During this free class, we will uncover the shadow aspects of money and explore our subconscious desires. We will identify and transform these unconscious beliefs, paving the way for a healthier and more balanced relationship with money.

This class serves as an introduction to the comprehensive year-long Beta program, outlining what it has to offer. It is a prerequisite for those interested in joining the year-long program.

Upon completing this class, you will gain new tools that can be immediately applied to enhance your daily life.

Big Love,