Heaven to Earth Portal

Embodiment of high consciousness spiritual practices for everyday living.

✦ Intuitive living
✦ Developing our innate gifts
✦ Spiritual practices that make real world changes
✦ Quantum healing and teaching
✦ Ho’oponopono principles
✦ Inner-child work
✦ Shadow work
✦ Land work
✦ Where the inner meets the outer
✦ Taking aligned action
✦ Listening to plants and the earth
✦ Lots of practical how-tos.

…and so much more!

I will also be bringing in specialists in such areas as:

✦ Somatic therapy
✦ Hypnotherapy
✦ Land development
✦ Community living experts
✦ Wealth building
✦ Crypto basics
✦ Financial strategy
✦ Nutrition and Wellness

This container is to be real world life experience deeply rooted in Source energy dynamics. Wholeness! The Whole Self.

And totally affordable.

Only $33 a month, no contracts and you can cancel at anytime.

Pay for the year and get two free months.

It launches at the beginning of 2022!

Bringing Heaven to Earth is a part of my life’s missionto bring as many people with me to create this community online and in person.

Join the community and be a part of building a network within and with others.

Get discounts on in-person retreats and so much more!

Let create the New Earth Together!

I’m here for ALL the THINGS!!!

Isn’t that why you came here!?!

I’m excited to be able to offer my work in this way.

Create the life you dream of living embodied on the planet here and now.

This will take you step by step to make major shifts in your body, mind, spirit to live the life you know you are made to live deep from your soul.

Super practical and transformative at your own pace.

Join the evolution in consciousness.

Big Love,