I hear clients say “I don’t want to look at the past. The past is in the past, it can’t be changed.” I disagree: It can be changed. We can change everything. All-time exists NOW. If all time is now, then absolutely you can change the past. Our past lives in our perceptions, and we can change what we see by learning to make peace with it — by giving ourselves the ability to feel all that we couldn’t feel then. If we allow ourselves to feel the feelings that we’ve stored through our trauma and pain — by being present with it now and letting it go — we no longer need to hang on to all those feeling we couldn’t experience from ages 0 to 8. It’s not about reliving the past. Your past is informing your NOW all the time. As we continue to carry around those feelings and experiences we will throw them into our future. We will continue to relive it with different people and situations, but it’s the same energy that’s presenting itself in our lives. When we are triggered with anger and hurt in our NOW it is almost never about what triggered us. But that it’s a familiar feeling touching a wound. It’s an opportunity for us to become aware of what’s wanting to be noticed. Our bodies are great indicators of how we continue to carry our past with us: excessive weight, fatigue, addictions, disease, pain. These are red flags that your subconscious is trying to speak to you and you aren’t listening. We haven’t been taught tools to navigate our inner psyches and we are here now remembering our true selves. I have clients ask two simple questions when you are triggered:
  1. When did I first feel this feeling? This will tie back to the original emotional experience, or wounding. Just asking this question doesn’t mean you need to relive the trauma. Rather, it pulls up the stored emotions that you were unable to feel at the time. This is where healing happens.
  2. Where is it in my body? We store trauma and pain in our body and this helps to heal it on a cellular level.
Most of the clients I work with need a little guidance in the beginning with a session to pull it up. But most people have been triggered in their present:  They can bring an incident up and begin there. Start in the Now, because most likely you’ve been carrying years of pain with you unacknowledged. We are really good at hiding from ourselves. Remember: It’s not about the “Why.” The “why” activates victim consciousness and the small self. It’s about acknowledging what’s been hidden to experience the feelings and let it go. This is why the past matters and why being present in the Now helps to let it go. This creates space in your life for New Beginnings. .New Beginnings It’s ultimately what surrendering feels like. I think sometimes people have an idea of surrender as giving up. Rather, it’s an allowing of all that is present and to be with it wholly now. This is the art of surrender. It feels new and different with each layer and each experience…as if we are experiencing surrender for the first time. Michael Singer has a book out called The Surrender Experience. It’s a phenomenal story of his life: With each experience, he goes deeper inside and let’s go of his wants or needs to make changes to the external. Anything that triggers him he becomes present with it and let’s go of the need to control it.  Just allowing where he is at and what he feels to be present. This is at the core of the work I am currently doing with clients. Shifting energy, patterns, and perspectives. Remembering the lost art of letting go and being present with what is. So your New Now can be informed no longer from your wounds of your past. If you feel that any of this speaks to you or you would like a free Breakthrough session please reach out. I would love to walk you through releasing your past to make room for the New that wants to emerge in your life.        
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