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King Maker Men’s Group Application

BEFORE YOU BEGIN PLEASE KNOW THIS ISN’T A RIGHT OR WRONGIT IS TO GET A CLEAR PICTURE of each man called to this space. We want to understand what the group dynamics will be for us all to grow and evolve together.

My work isn’t for everyone, and with that it’s important to be clear and set the stage so each of you can be clear on what the invitation is.

Are you ready to get radically honest in a safe space and share your struggles and challenges to be a better human and have a better relationship to yourself and life?

If need be are you open to a brief 15 minute call after application to confirm the yes for each person?

9 + 4 =

AGAIN there is no right or wrong answer. This is to get a better understanding of each man called to this group and the group dynamics as a whole. All are welcomed in the spaces I create. I choose to make sure that each person understands what they are choosing to sign up for before we get started.