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The King Maker

Steep yourself in the energy of the Divine King within as you embark on a transformative journey within yourself.

Beginning October 5, 5pm PST/8pm EST

Where is the group lead from?

Men have often commented on the regal energy they sense within me, and it’s this energy that I want to help you tap into and step more fully into reclaiming within.

As someone who has integrated both the masculine and feminine within, and doesn’t pretend to be perfect, I lead from a perspective of wholeness.

This group will be guided by an integrated source, and simultaneously led by an open feminine heart that invites you to delve deeper into your inner authority

Why am I called at this time to lead this group?

Over the years of working with men and leading groups, I’ve come to realize the importance of approaching this work through an integrated feminine perspective.

A Portrait of Angela Benck

It’s not about changing who you are, but about inviting you to rise up onto your throne of greatness–a throne nestled within the chambers of your heart.

An image of a powerful man rising up.

What is a King?

A true king embodies an inner authority that operates within power dynamics framed by a concern for the collective good, as opposed to individual interests. This authority governs from an equitable and just standpoint, rather than adhering to a hierarchical power dynamic.

The potency of authority is rooted a connection the whole – whole community, family, and system – understanding one’s pivotal role in their creation and sustenance.

When a true king joins the world, he takes ownership of his choices and recognizes the potential for growth and improvement. This invitation offers an alternative to your current path, a chance for a quantum shift, a pivotal choice point.


No more walking a tired path when you know you deserve better. The power lies in your hands–you decide.

Join our men’s group to master the integration of ego and spirit. This journey brings expansion and lightness to your life, aligning your mind and heart for clearer decision-making.

A man ready to own his life and make decisions and protect those around him for the greater good.

Let’s build awareness and acceptance together, finding the balance that allows judgment to serve its purpose without overpowering.

Who is this group for…?

  • This is for men prepared to be self-aware and dig deep, dismantling inner judgments.
  • This is for men forging a sturdy relationship with their inner child, connecting its echoes to our adult relationships and life choices.
  • This is for men willing to explore themselves and their spiritual practices on a deeper level.
  • This is for brotherhood, for men coming together to uplift and support one another on the path of awareness.
  • This is for receiving the wisdom held by a women and learning how to apply it to enhance every facet of yourself.
  • This is about tuning into your body and emotions, becoming truly embodied and wise.

During This 6-Month Program

✦ Join biweekly calls that inspire and cultivate growth and sharing.

✦ Stay connected through a Telegram group where weekly prompts, exercises, and authentic shares give voice to claiming our power.

✦ Work with an accountability partner within the container fostering, self-support and mutual encouragement.

Are you ready to claim your Inner King?

Are you ready seek guidance and assistance, to recognize that we don’t have to carry our burdens alone?

With support, we can reign over our inner world and outer reality, maintaining relationships in balance and fairness.

A genuine king is devoted to love and the highest good for all, a love that manifests in actions.

The impact you create will resonate for years to come.

We are here to create from a different place of authority, and that begins now. With us. It begins with this group.

Join me in this extraordinary journey, where you step into your throne and expand into your true self.

Invest in yourself for just $333 per month.

Group begins on September 7th at 5pm PST or 8pm EST, with each session lasting between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

An image of a sunlit sword.

Claim your kingship–it’s time to rise.

During the application process, I will ask questions to better understand the dynamics that shaped your upbringing and are currently influencing your life. Your application will be followed by a phone call.

You are under no obligation to join the group by applying or having a phone call with me. You can learn more about the group by joining a free Zoom call. Apply to get access to the Zoom Call.


Big Love,

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