What is the Lost Art of Listening and Why is it a Lost Art?

The Lost Art of Listening isn’t about listening to each other; even though that is important. I feel that develops when you can listen to your deepest self first.

The Lost Art of Listening is listening to oneself. Our innermost self. The part that resides in the recesses of our heart, the piece that is subtle. That is the stillness within, the wavering rainbow of emotions. I’m talking about the part that holds our secrets, the part that holds our longings. The piece where the seed of peace remains. If nurtured, this seed grows and blankets you in those times of grief and sadness, in sorrow and pain. The piece that holds the Joy, the innate infinity and essence of you.

To me, our culture dictates a Lost Art of Listening to our Authentic voice, because it goes against the mainstream worldview. This internal authentic voice will often tell us to be true to ourselves.  That can often feel like it’s at the expense of someone else’s happiness.  We often crumble for others’ definition of what our life should be. The moment I freed myself from the constraints of the collective consciousness of this so-called American dream, I started living my dream: Shedding a great life on the outside for an even better life on the inside. I gave up all the creature comforts in exchange for a backpack and a plane ticket. With very little money saved, I let go of everything, to finally go in the directions of my deepest longings.

For as spiritual as I thought I was, and living aware as I thought I was, nothing could have prepared me to dive into my innermost self like this journey. So now when I speak of the Lost Art of Listening, I can say I walked that line and dove off the edge into the abyss to see what lies beneath. No more surface life for me. A life lived moving in the direction of what scares me the most. I want to live beyond comfort. I want to live a life that makes me more Alive than I have ever been. I want to live a life wild and free.




  1. Walk away– At one point in your life quit your job and go somewhere with no plans and little money. Life will surprise you and the generosity of strangers will astound you.


  1. Imagine even if for one day that you don’t live with any limitations. Try it on like a new outfit. Wear that mindset for one full day or week and see how your experiences can change.


  1. GRATITUDE it is like the vehicle you travel your life with. Even if you haven’t experienced it, be grateful that in some way you can and will. If nothing else this will help you open your heart to new experiences and people. Bringing a greater sense of love into your mind and heart.


  1. Do something you are afraid of- it can be small, but do it. we are not talking monumental but this will create an aliveness in your body at a molecular level. Possibly moving you in the direction of your dreams. You never know until you do it.


  1. Pay it Forward I don’t mean buy a Starbucks for the person behind you although that is a nice gesture of kindness. I mean give what you most deeply want to receive. Meditate on it. Most likely this has very little to do with material goods, those are just fillers. Go deeper and ask your heart what you most deeply crave or want? GIVE THAT as much, to as many people as you can.


  1. Be Creative We are all creative beings whether you believe or not. So create something even if you never share it. It’s amazing how many people tell me they’re not creative, but the very act of speaking is creative. To think is to be creative. Letting go of small-mindedness and wander into one’s core self and let it pull out those pieces of inspiration that have been longing to surface.


  1. LOVE Love openly, hold hands and hug more. Sometimes it seems in life there is a shortage of connection. All of us want to feel more connected to someone in some way. Acknowledging this connects us to each other. There are always ways to express our love.


  1. Baby Steps do one thing that moves you in the direction of what you dream. If you don’t have a dream. Then start dreaming.


  1. Move- Our bodies are made to move our Universe is in perpetual movement. Go for a walk, ride a bike, do yoga. Something, anything, just MOVE.


  1. Meditate To meditate is to remember our true self, to be in a place of freedom. Where everything and Nothing are contained. To rest and come alive simultaneously.


I have been meditating for 20 plus years. I started my spiritual exploration at 16 at least consciously and I live by this list. It has helped shape my life to be one where I feel freer than ever before and have a sweetness in my life. I hope that you too can experience this level of freedom. Every day gives us a new opportunity to wake up and be wild and free.

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