Love Notes

Working with Angela was and has been one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made for myself.

Within a period of just a few months, I have learned so much from Angela that I feel like a completely different person. I am much happier regardless of the circumstances. I am more patient, relaxed, pleasant to be around, and productive at home and at work. Most importantly, my husband and children have seen significant shift in me becoming a better wife and mother. I am now more emotionally available for myself and for them.

Life is grand and it’s only just begun. Angela, you are a miracle worker. Love you and thank you!! Sunny


Angela has helped me accomplish some of the most important inner work of my life. She’s led me to discover parts of my inner world that I’d either avoided or ignored or misunderstood in the past. With her supportive presence and guidance, I was able to bring peace to these places and take away from them new understanding, self-acceptance and self-love. This work has empowered me to better create and better receive the life I truly want to live and the person I truly want to be. Cassandra


After noticing the incredible positive change of mindset and disposition in my brother that had been seeing Angela, I felt it was time to do some growing myself. The growth I’ve made is not what I expected. I am a different person from several months ago. Through deep introspection and learning how to think more from my heart space rather than my ego has helped me to strip away from judgements towards myself. I’ve learned to be a better mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

I am lighter, more self assured, triggers and blocks deep within that I didn’t realize were there are healed and gone. This took insightful guidance and exercises that I worked at such as visualization, meditation, learning the power of words we tell ourselves through affirmations and the power of gratitude. I have become more connected to my heart rather than ego and it’s been freeing to me. If you are prepared for a journey of healing, peace, and growth in all aspects of your life, Angela Benck will take you there.


New York

I could never put into words just how grateful I am for Angela. She has helped me move through so much more in a few sessions than I was ever able to do with years of therapy. She’s been supportive, encouraging, and compassionate, while also holding me accountable and patiently guiding me through the process of my souls work! Thank you, Angela!



The sessions were very insightful. Angela is incredibly tuned-in to what is going on in a person’s healing. She provides practical instructions for how to integrate and sustain the improvements in my daily life.


Orlando, FL

Angela…left me feeling very empowered. I have worked through a lot of things with her in a short amount of time that I thought would have taken me much longer to deal with. It was like combing my spaghetti hair thoughts into being much more streamlined and easier to manage. She is a great mentor!


Orlando, FL

Having the right person in your corner or on your team is paramount for finding success in whatever you seek to do. Angela is willing to push you to dig deep, and look within to find the answers that already exist. She pushed me to explore parts of my mind and heart that I had neglected. I feel as if she acquainted me with a long lost friend, myself.


San Antonio, TX

I absolutely love working with Angela. I met her during an Ayahuaska group integration session. After listening to her speak for the first time my soul urged me to connect with her. I first had a child regression session with her, she later guided me and helped me thru an intense Ayahuaska ceremony. She helped calm and and guide me thru my journey. I later had three life changing breakthrough sessions of coaching with her. She gave me assignments in between sessions as well as exercises that I can use at anytime whenever I am feeling confused or stuck.  She followed up in between session to see how I was doing with the assignments. She’s very thorough and clear and is one of the most authentic souls I have ever met. I am eternally grateful for her guidance.


I can’t say enough good things about Angela! She truly is a gift to the world! She has done more for me in three sessions than the years of psychotherapy I have done in the past. If you are open and ready to make some shifts, I highly suggest you take some healing sessions from her… she will help you knock down some blocks pretty quickly. Her guided meditations are amazing. Somehow she makes you feel at peace with the world! Thank you Angela for sharing your gift!


Jacksonville, FL

Angela has an uncanny knack of honing in on exactly what is source of my pain, and then gently helps me work through it. And, whlie I’ve meditated before, I’ve never experienced anything like what I did during her guided meditations. Incredibly intuitive and compassionate – she’s amazing!


Jacksonville, FL

Angela is very talented, but she can’t do it without you.  You have to be serious about your own growth and you have to be committed to do the necessary work. And if you’re ready and willing, then Angela will expertly guide you to the finish line. All you gotta do is show up, and do the work. That combination worked for me and paid off x1000000.


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