The Mastermind Program

Application deadline is January 25th!

Develop yourself from the inside out with tools to take your life from drab to fab. 12 months with 12 individuals sharing an extraordinary journey, bringing you into full alignment with your truth and your path.

  1. Self-love: Often spoke about but rarely actualized. Learn key components to bring this into your experience.
  2. Duality: understanding foundational truths to learn to master this energy in your life by shifting your thoughts and harnessing them.
  3. Cosmic consciousness: Being able to activate your thoughts and emotions in such a way as to bring about results.
  4. Transformation: Learning the art of letting go of our attachments that hold us back.
  5. Patience: Cultivating this energy to fuel your desired outcome.
  6. Power: Owning our power as conscious co-creators.
  7. Witness: Growing the ability to watch your experiences and step back from triggers to feed what we want to grow and observe what was.
  8. Passion:Igniting our passions, creating fuel for our fire.
  9. The Harvest: Growing our gratitude and learning to bring that energy to what’s unmanifested.
  10. Spiritual Balance: The Law of Cause and Effect, releasing yourself from past Karma. Radical self-forgiveness.
  11. New Discoveries: Planting seeds for the New Year and the New You.
  12. Awakened One: Stepping fully on your Path Celebrations and Congratulations

Each month will have a mix of videos and exercises to bring you into a deeper understanding of this energy in relationship to who you are now and who you want to become. Let go of old conditioning, raise your vibration for extraordinary change to occur.

Join me for a journey of monumental discovery!


Many people get frustrated with how to manifest their ideal reality. This program is to take you from A to Z’s in manifesting.

People often try things like vision boards and affirmations, focusing on what they do want, only to find out they are still coming up short again and again. They may focus this energy on things like money, a house, and cars. What they truly desire is a fulfilling life from the inside-out — not the outside-in. Self-love, freedom, and security are what people are often dreaming and looking for, but they project it onto material wealth. I 100% believe in being able to manifest material wealth. I have, and continue to do it again and again in my own life. But I’ve also felt free and alive while having nothing — most people in America can’t say they have. Happiness and deep joy are an inside job.  This is the part of manifesting that is often missing: thinking we will be happy when we have such-and-such.

I believe in removing what’s blocking your current level of joy. The joy then lines you up with the material manifestations that take you to your next level of experience: the truth of you who are. Most people still have it backward. What if you are already fulfilled? I see that every living being has a blueprint of this in them, and they are growing into that with this divine intelligence already there. This program awakens that which is already in you. You will become the person you know yourself to be. From the inside-out.

Looking forward to taking this journey with you.

Angela Benck

Program Pricing

Be a trailblazer! Join my inaugural program and take advantage of ground-floor pricing. This program will never be offered at this price point again!

Choose convenient monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments.


Note: For those approved for the program, the first payment for the program will be due December 27th, 2018.

Your life is about to take a great turn!

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Your life is about to take a great turn!

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