Money Mystery School

Demystify Money. Bring in all your spiritual knowing and gifts to activate your high level human experience.

Enrollment Date in October 2023.

If you are a spiritual seeker, empath, starseed, cosmic creator, on the medicine path, yogi, or anything that’s close to being aligned with spirit.

Do you often find that you don’t feel like you belong in the matrix?

That there has to be a better way to support yourself and your dreams?

Ready to rock the old paradigm and enter the new state of reality with your money?

This is the course for you.

This is for high level conscious spiritual people ready to have a healthy partnership and relationship with money.

Trust yourself on a deep level to step more fully into your creator self.
Unpack mythos around manifestations.
Weave your stories around money to liberate yourself.

12 months of discovering who you are and how you’ve separated from money in subtle ways.

A new paradigm of creating wealth activations and embodiment.
Ways to invest that are designed for you.
✦ Bringing in ancient mystery school teachings by remembering the codes you hold inside of you.

“There once was a girl who dreamed of traveling the world, walking across Spain on the El Camino and picking apples in an apple orchard.

She fantasized about long days of wandering and being in nature.

She had no idea how to make or create the income to support those dreams.

Until one day she dared to make her dream a reality.”

This was me at 23, and it would take ten years before I had enough courage to walk away from my conditioning into my heart and my calling.

At 33 I walked into the unknown and traveled globally, walked across Spain and went to pick fruit from trees in Eastern Europe.

Fast forward another ten years with more traveling and creating the life of my dreams.

All while mastering the energy of money and building my foundation of inner wealth to meet my outer wealth.

Only when we believe with action do our dreams become reality.

How we think and feel about our money and our ability to create our reality impacts our lives.

It’s one of the strongest influences in today’s global commerce.

When you are ready to master this energy and say yes to creating a new relationship with money…then you are ready for this course.

Let’s go on a journey together to harness our ability to co-create with this resource.

$3,000 for the year

or $250/month with a commitment for the year

*If you pay for the year in full I offer two one-on-ones within the year to support you. Additional one-on-ones will be offered within the program at a premium if you choose for extra support to help you deepen the work.

Are you ready to walk into a new relationship with money?

Are you ready to see GOD in money?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Join me for your next evolution.

This container will include:

Monday group calls* twice a month.

A Thursday Q&A call once a month.

A portal on my website for community connections. 

Assignments and downloadable monthly materials to keep you updated as you move through the lessons.

Guest speakers with money skills and support to help each student receive training in helping your money work for you. 

*All calls are recorded.  

Money-Back Guarantee


If you complete the entire course and are not satisfied, I will refund the entire cost of the course.

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