In my work and overall, I meet people that struggle with these questions: “What is my path?” “What is my purpose?”

I want to be able to go into this, from my own story, to lend my experience in what this is and how it shows up in our lives and the world.

Our purpose or soul’s calling isn’t a person, place, or thing. When it comes to paths and purposes, we — in our great intellectual linear thoughts — want it all mapped out. We WANT to know, HAVE to know, and NEED to know. Seriously, life is a journey and there is an element of mystery and discovery to unveiling and peeling back the layers of self-discovery. The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” works well here. The masterpieces of our lives unfold. In this great unfolding the more we listen to the call and continue to listen and follow it’s guidance, we begin to dance this amazing joyful dance with life and our purpose and our path.

I didn’t wake up one morning and say,  “I want to be a healer, I want to be a coach, I want to….” fill in the blanks. I wrote a letter to my future self in the 6th grade. I was living in Alaska at the time and living life as a kid. We were asked to write what we wanted to be when we grew up. I wrote down three things. I figured I’m good at arguing both sides of situations. So I picked a lawyer. And to this day I can see both sides of an argument. I’m balanced in my viewpoint and possibly would make a good mediator.

The second thing I wanted to be was an artist. I’ve always had a sweet spot for drawing and painting. I’m a very creative person as I believe we all are until we shut it down. But reawakening these parts of ourselves is vital to us being our full selves.

The third thing was an actor. I really enjoyed being in plays when I was a kid. It was fun to pretend and put on a show.

I pursued none of these as professions and didn’t feel inspired to be any. I went to art school and dropped out because it didn’t feel like me. I didn’t feel I was pursuing what lit me up. Look at kids when they are 4-6: look at what lights them up.

That’s the energy we need to remember. The essence and truth of our pure being.

This somehow makes life more meaningful but we totally fail to realize we give life meaning from our own hearts. The experience of who we are comes into being and full expression to light our paths up.

Stop needing to know and the path unfolds right before your very eyes. Needing to know can be the very door that keeps your eyes from seeing the light to lead you to your next best step in the greatest unfolding. You are here to live. Be curious and follow joy. What brings your heart joy? Do that. And when you don’t know it’s time for you to spend some time rediscovering yourself.

When your heart calls, do you answer?

Some people might not know what it means to get called to action from your heart.

I was called to go on an adventure when I was in my early 20’s but I was scared. I did make a plan to do it but life happened and I didn’t follow this call until I was 34. It kept nudging me over the years to do it and I would push it down or ignore it. I’m sure there are lots of people who received these calls but have chosen to ignore them. Because life happens but when you consciously choose to stop ignoring and start listening that’s when life gets really interesting.

I’m not saying everyone needs a big adventure, but we all need to reconnect with the roots of who we are and push the boundaries of who we think we are, to become more than we ever thought possible.

What’s been nudging you to listen and act?

Are you willing to take one step in the direction to do that?

This is what is meant for us to follow our hearts. This is when you can live a life on purpose and be of service to those around you. This is when you start to feel that you are on your path.

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