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Ho’oponopono is ancient Hawaiian prayer ritual of forgiveness and reconciliation. In this course I will teach you to use Ho’oponopono to not only create with money in a space that feels good and with ease, but to actually see and experience a substantial increase in your money as a result.

Join my 6-week Ho’oponopono Course—Wealth Activation: Understanding & Implementing Wealth Consciousness

Beginning March 16, 7pm EST

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer ritual of forgiveness and reconciliation. It is made up of four simple but powerful phrases:

I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Ho'oponopono is used to make things right with others, with oneself, and with the universe, and can serve as a powerful tool of cleansing, transformation, and freedom from self-bondage.

This potent tool is perfect to cultivate a powerful kick start to your New Year. When we learn to stabilize our energy field by working this tool, it helps us stay centered amidst the chaos so that we can be powerful co-creators.

I've taught Ho'oponopono all last year and was inspired to bring this work deeper inter quantum energy-healing with money. Root out deep core beliefs that have repelled this energy source from you and bring it back to you effortlessly.

Week One

  • Getting into our Center to be magnetic.
  • Creating with this tool, and how to use it with money specifically.

Week Two

  • Rooting out beliefs that repel money, tapping into core conditioning that’s blocked our money flow.

Week Three

  • Aligning to a deeper truth and tapping the infinite field of consiousness.
  • Beginning to co-create with the field to generate more opportunities to receive and create with money.

Week Four

  • Playing with money. Play is an important aspect of being a co-creator—it’s important to unpack our inability to access this energy as adults to bring this into our experience with money.

Week Five

  • Setting boundaries and structures with money. Being responsible with money and setting ourselves up for greater flow by having a solid framework built.

Week Six

  • Manifesting what we began from week one.
  • Increase our money, bank accounts, and ability to co-create with money.


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    I love this course!

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    I loved this course! It was amazing.

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