Calling all new Leaders and Visionary Entrepreneurs

Join me on an extraordinary journey.

What’s begging to be birthed deep within your bones?

Let go of that deep hollow feeling of following someone else’s way, model and map.

You are the way.

You are the map.

I would challenge most of you that everyone has an Inner Entrepreneur but few will have the courage to follow it.

I’m calling in those few.

The ones that want to move away from the corporate sandpit. The cosstant drain of energy.

Do you know what energy leaks look and feel like?

Constantly giving away your life force and power to outside authority.

Wanting to own your power again?

Choose your way over everyone else’s.

If there could be a different way and you knew it was guaranteed, would you take it?

That’s called betting on yourself. Most won’t — or can’t — because of the foundational lack of belief in self.

Our fears run amuck and we drown our vital life force in someone else’s dreams.

We aren’t grounded in our power.

Calling in all high-level leaders, that are ready to leap.

You are scared, but are willing to risk your fear to believe in you again.

I have a couple of spots and one is ready for you to claim it.

Claim yourself, take up space and step into being this big.

What does owning your power look like when you take the next step your soul is begging you to take?

I offer one-on-one for 6 months or a year-long mentorship program

I also offer small group coaching for 3-4 women starting quartly. The next group begins beginning of March and May, August, November.

Have you been wanting to work with a high level coach but don’t know where to start?

Unsure of a long term commitment to take you towards your dream work.

I’m excited to offer small group coaching.

I know it can feel daunting to work on yourself at times.

I’m here to make it feel easy and fun.

I’m calling in 4 High level business leaders quarterly that want to go to the next level but don’t know where to start.

Developing clarity and laser sharp focus is a big part of making moves to shift out from where we are at, into a new way to work and be.

Message me now if this sounds like a fit for you to be added to the next group.

Group coaching offers coaching in an affordable way to get you started in a team building environment.