The Healing Benefits of Receiving

I’m at a place on my path that I still struggle with receiving from time to time. But as it has shown up in my life over and over again as a way to protect myself, I’ve learned to sit up and reflect to take notice.

In the past few months I’ve shared a session or gifted someone with healing work I do, but they’ve passed on it. This has helped me reflect on how we often turn away that which will be most healing for us.

We are not here do it alone. To constantly think we need to go it alone actually pushes away the very thing that we’ve been calling into our lives for healing and growth.

Some people on the spiritual path will turn it down because it’s showing up outside of them as another person.

The journey inward doesn’t mean that what we seek doesn’t show up on the outside from time to time. This is exactly what it means to have our inward life express itself on the outside, reflecting back to us our inner dynamics.

It’s not about seeking it. But when the opportunity shows up, learning to gratefully receive helps to expand your ability to heal from within and grow your heart space in honoring your path.

For someone who has struggled with receiving help and letting people in, I can speak to this subject with great clarity.

When I do continue to let the abundant and loving Universe show up and provide me with all I need on my path, I expand in my capacity to show up and give more of myself than I ever thought possible.

Most people find it more comfortable giving than receiving — this can come as a way to manipulate power and control over others.

We’ve deemed giving as being more important, more honorable and notable — that you are somehow less when you accept and open to a receiving role. So much so that Facebook has turned people’s birthdays into a charitable donation space. This is wonderful, but another way we use giving as being more important than receiving. 

And now that everyone is doing it, do you do it because you want to or because you want to be seen as giving and generous?

So why is the role of receiving looked down upon? How can one truly give from a heart center space if no one is on the receiving end to receive those gifts of the heart? It’s not about the thing, it’s about an exchange of energy.

When we reject the very thing we long for and often don’t realize it, we are inadvertently continuing to say we aren’t worthy. We aren’t worthy of our love. This comes back to the premise that we are all connected, the expression of Oneness and the energy of all that is. By rejecting what shows up in front of you, you are inadvertently rejecting a part of yourself.

The only way in is through: through the lies and conditions we’ve been fed that we aren’t worthy. Accept the experiences that show up to teach us and remind us of the truth. This isn’t a thought. We must live it and experience it.

Gone are the days when the spiritual path meant to go live in a fucking cave or forest or desert for days, weeks, and years. Our journey with 7 billion people on the planet means we are creating a life to have a journey inward through its outward expression and being present with what is presenting itself to us daily. The dance of being the light and reflecting it.

Yes, stretches of silence are therapeutic, and as a teacher of meditation alone time is vital. But, not a way to hide what we are calling to experience.

We are here at this time in our world to be connected and supported. We are being called to show up together collectively to strengthen the light within, to shine it, to transform the world we wish to live in versus the one we are in currently.

I know my purpose. Many don’t. Your purpose doesn’t equal a paying job. It’s part of your calling. Its human expression is to be as close to a divine light made manifest as possible.

The road to lightening up is letting go, and sometimes holding space for each of us to receive is a part of why we are here to hold each other’s hands.

Be open to receiving. When it’s showing up in your life, it’s there to teach you that you are loved. This is a part of the self-love journey. Receiving is as important as giving.

When we receive and remember the truth of who we are, we can begin to give in a way that we have never given before. As a whole and healed complete heart.

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