The heArt of Coming Home

A live online workshop to express your full self.

October 23, 4-8pm EST


Angela And Pamela have come together to bring you a workshop like no other.

This experience will help you to feel deeply connected to your body, your creative flow, and your truth.

Self love is the act of demonstrating to your self that you love yourself.

How do we demonstrate this?

In the HeArt of coming Home we take you into your body, and heart to activate and express what’s alive for you in this space. We are going to calibrate your system to wholeness so that you can hold and expand your unique frequency, and feel your feelings, without exploding or collapsing.

To bring the unconscious conscious and to have fun

To play

To practice

To demonstrate self-love embodied

Using our voice

Using our bodies in movement

Using a paintbrush organically expressing what wants to be made manifest through you as the divine vessel that we are

In this extraordinary experiential workshop you will unveil more of yourself to yourself.

As women we’ve often been silenced or keep ourselves hidden and small.

Join us October 23 to express more of you.

In this safe space you will be encouraged to move beyond the parts that keep you small and hidden to explore more parts of yourself that are begging for fuller expression.

No experience necessary.

Come as you are.

All of you is welcomed in this container.

We will begin with an opening circle, move into a heart opening meditation, connect with your body through movement, open up our voice and learn to trust what wants to come through with a voice activation, and channel it into an energetically encoded piece of art.

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October 23, 4-8pm EST