The role Fear plays in our lives and being able to access the deep meaning from it.

I had someone come to me and ask me some questions about Fear recently.

Him “How do we know we have faced our fears?”

Me “When we are living a life closest to our heart and most Authentic self.”

Him “Why is it important to face our fears?”

Me “To bring us to our truth inside ourselves.”

Him “Do we even think we have fears?”

Me “We think we have Fears but most of them are imagined.”

Him ”And how come it is important to think in these terms or value our progress in these terms?”

Me “Once you’ve come to a place that you have conquered your deepest fears you live in a place of Freedom and truth. This is the dance we call life.”

It is said in a course of miracles that Fear is a call to Love.

But what if Fear is THE CALL??

What if Fear is a gateway from Heaven and Hell and what I mean by this the heaven and hell that we currently living within the perimeters of our experiences in the right here and now. Not the one that religion has distorted.

These gateways help you transverse the souls calling. Your purpose and what you are here to do.

What if what you are deeply afraid of is what you are here to do?

What if it’s your biggest gift and you receiving it is being able to give back to the world as a part of your path?

Fear is apart of the Duality of our world.

For me, Fear has always been a part of my journey. I didn’t grow up in a warm fuzzy environment. That doesn’t mean I blame my parents. I love both of my parents, but I didn’t grow up feeling safe so in my experience I’ve registered my world through the lens of Fear.

I wouldn’t know my life without it. I’m sure there are plenty of others who will read this and feel the same. You can’t be human without Fear we are wired for it. This is why we fight like hell to keep and hold onto comfort and resist change. For it scares the hell out of our little human minds.

I’ve never met anyone that willing walks into the fire so they can experience an ego death. And most soul growth will challenge you to do this again and again. Some will say you die once and others like me say you learn to surrender again and again.

There is the fight or flight fear where our adrenals are pumping massive amounts of cortisol through our body to help us with the stress we are enduring and then there is the idea of FEAR. We are afraid of what something might be like. So it’s an imagined state.

This imagined state is where a lot of power is. If we can learn to change our thinking around an imagined situation or a preconceived idea then we can learn to dismantle the fear that lives in our minds this way.

I use Fear as a marker, it helps me realize I’m heading in the right direction to dismantle false belief systems, past conditioning and overall what’s holding me back.

Either you learn to harness fear for your benefit or it has a hold on you and controls your choices and keeps you repeating patterns of conditioning from an unconscious perspective.

That’s why there are sayings like do what you are most afraid of and magic happens outside your comfort zone. Because either Fear is a motivator or it’s a deterrent and if you put Fear in its place you begin to conquer it.

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