Adventure, Freedom, Joy, Expansiveness. 

What are some of your desires?

A new job, traveling, moving, a new relationship.

I had a client say I want to be realistic. I say realistic is how we keep our dreams and desires small. So we don’t get hurt or disappointed, but then we equally cut ourselves off from the expansiveness of Joy, wanting to unfold and grow in our lives.

For my clients I had them do an I want list or I desire for this year and then shift the list into a gratitude list. What this does is it helps the mind accept that this is a feeling in you but not something you are seeking. When we grow from within our external experiences can begin to match our inner world.

Give yourself permission to dream and expand what you would like to bring forward in your life. Do what sparks Joy in you and your life. When we begin to grow our Joy things take on different meanings because it’s the meaning we give the item or experience.

This is true about our experiences we are looking for experiences that will bring us a particular feeling so we seek it, rather if we sit and meditate about how we feel about the feeling or thought of that experience and grow that feeling that’s what we are seeking.

Then you begin to feel you are not separate from your experience but your experience is to draw more of who you are out.  Expressing your soul and Divine Nature. This is what from the inside out living looks like.

When I speak about this a lot of people will say things like Law of Attraction but that really only scratches the surface. It’s not about positive thinking and that can be detrimental to our overall well-being. If we aren’t allowing room for all our emotions to be present and have space to be. How can we learn to grow what brings us Joy? 

If we are unwilling to move through the pain. Then Joy can’t grow in a stifled environment, can it? Your capacity to grow Joy and experience that which is Joyful will be the equal capacity you have by what you are blocking and hiding from yourself.

Meaning if we have a lot of unexpressed pain and even in that pain there are seeds of Joy but left unexpressed What will grow.? We are emotional beings weather you “THINK” you are or not.

Back when I was in-between jobs I was a Massage Therapist, slash waitress, slash writer. After I came back from living in Europe for a year I didn’t want to go back to Massage full time. That always felt like a stepping stone one long stepping stone for me but I really didn’t know what was next. I gave myself time to be in the in between. Which our culture doesn’t value or really talk about much. Same as rest but that’s another post entirely.

I began working with Plant Medicine in particular Ayahuasca. I was called to facilitate and coaching with The business I have now. It took an Incredible leap to follow my heart to travel abroad with next to no money and it took another incredible leap to work with plant medicine.

But when Happiness and Joy are the calling cards you answer and you follow that because all else pales. Or maybe you don’t answer because you are sacred and life is comfortable and in our comfort we get complacent.

Why risk following your heart, when you have so much to loose? Instead, life has a funny way of taking it from us anyway. I get it, it’s not easy to follow your heart because it will challenge everything you hold dear. Are you sure?  Because the mind is almost always sure of that beings a hell no and the heart is saying Hell yea, but when I listen to my mind I get scared.

Any notable person that follows their heart and pursues dreams has setbacks and challenges. Because it’s the Universe asking, again and again, are you sure?

Helping you move from the old story to a new one. Then it’s routing you, GPS to your experience, your highest version of yourself, by stripping you down to basics and rising you back up again. The famous death and rebirth cycle.

For a well lived life will ask you to die to your previous outdated selves multiply times. And what is life if we don’t die a few times in the process?

Our heart is a beacon of truth for ourselves and for others around us. It’s what lights your path even if you can only see a few feet in front of you at a time. To me, this is when I learned Faith in Action. I don’t believe in blind faith, for true faith is a demonstration of us listening and trusting and following what’s in our hearts again and again.

This is what I experience in my life and in my work and why I’ve been called to demonstrate this to those that are called to work with me. You deserve to be so filled with Joy that you can almost burst from it. This is you lighting up your life.

Life doesn’t have to be hard, we make it hard from our past stories. Healing comes and in that space so does JOY. Moving from the hard paradigm mentality story to the new one being ushered in is another collective leap we are learning to take. A GPS rerouting that’s taking place, one big fucking U-Turn putting us on the course of JOY.

Are you listening?

Can you feel it?

Choose it! We are all adults now and we get to decide not the story in our head. Lean in the heart knows the way.

Here is to an expansive 2019 for you and those around you. May you have the spirit of Joy return to you again and again as you relearn to grow that which expands your heart.

Remembering who you are.


Angela Benck
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