To my new readers and those who have been with me for several years as I’ve grown my Integrative Coaching business and ultimately myself in the most amazing ways..hello! I’m so glad that you’ve found yourself here in this space.

I felt a pull to bring things back to basics and share more in-depth about what Integrative Coaching is, how I found myself in this place, and the benefits one receives in working with me. May this information give you the reassurance that whatever situation you may currently find yourself in, there is hope. There is peace. There is harmony.

Let’s begin with this main concept – What Is Integration? This is a common question for many. Integration is bringing forgotten or suppressed parts of ourselves back home to our natural state of being wholeness. Integration is seeing our lives and ourselves from the whole person and self, rather than separate from. It’s seeing how everything in our lives is reflecting pieces that we may have been unaware of before now, thus bringing our work and relationships into harmony..our personal growth and self-care into harmony with this level of wholeness.

Several years ago, I began to put my life under a microscope to look at how I could change what I saw and didn’t resonate with. Why I was creating my life from unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs I found I was operating in. Over the years of personal work on myself and my life, I began to transform from the inside-out. The inside-out changes are lasting and fulfilling ones. We can all get a new outfit to wear and feel good for a day but if you shift how you feel on the inside it doesn’t matter what you wear you feel amazing on a regular basis. This is how I began my journey to now being an Integrative Health Coach.

There are several areas of focus within this realm of coaching. In the first three sessions, I do work with energy clearing to bring the past into the conscious, and then see how it’s influencing our present through active inner child work. After that we look at the areas in your life that are out of sync or balance and bring them into a much more cohesive whole so to live more in the flow, bringing clarity and peace into yourself and then outward into your life.

This is an important process because when we look at our inner lives or the lack thereof, we begin to see how this state of being spills into all areas of our lives – the good, the bad, the ugly. When we can get honest about what we would like to change by really looking at what is…only then can we make the significant changes that will bring lasting results. 

I absolutely love being able to help guide and coach my clients through these processes. I start most clients with three sessions to see if we are a good match. After that, we roll into a 3-month coaching relationship to make permanent lasting changes in the way you operate inside and outside in your life. I hold appointments on a weekly basis for 3 months, and after that clients get to choose if they would like to continue weekly or bi-weekly, monthly. If they feel our work together is complete, we wrap it up after three months. I work with clients anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on growth goals and intentions to make radical changes. This is all dependent on how much work a client has done before they work with me.

My clients receive many benefits during our time together. Most clients receive a life overhaul. They feel better than when they started, and most of them have changed so much they hardly recognize the person they used to be. I also give support in-between the weekly calls. There is nothing out there like working one-on-one with a coach. If you want to change any area in your life I highly recommend coaching even if it’s not me. Find someone that can work alongside you to encourage your personal growth inwardly as well as your life overall.

I hope that this information has been beneficial to you! I would absolutely love to work with you if you’re feeling called to do so. 

Please CLICK HERE to discover all of the ways you can work with me.

It’s my privilege to take the knowledge and wisdom of the past 20 years. To hold space toward a greater level of Integration, to wholeness, a deep remembering we are whole: complete and perfect as we are.

Big Love,

Angela Benck
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