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Womb Wisdom

This February we begin the third season of my Women’s Wisdom group.

Womb Wisdom Enrollment opens at the end of January, and I am currently taking consultation calls to ensure a harmonious alignment within the group.

In the auspicious year of the dragon, this group dynamic promises to be my most powerful to date.

Join a circle of 5 women for a 6-month journey where we collectively deepen, activate higher consciousness, and amplify our unique gifts. We are extra sensory creatures—where we gather together manifests a larger field of co-creation together. This is an opportunity to step into your voice, body, and power as we explore latent psychic abilities, strengthen intuition, and bring underdeveloped talents to light.

2024 is the year to crystallize our collective gifts, and this group is perfect for you if:

You know you have gifts but aren’t sure how to use them.

You wish to manifest your heart and womb’s desires in 2024.

Your creative life is ready for a vibrant transformation.

You’re eager to play and grow alongside 5 other women and become more of who you are meant to be.


Flower petals

Experience being seen in your greatness, encouraged to own it in your body and life throughout the year. Live a life that invokes your witchy magic and join a group focused on:

Psychic development 

Surrender and aligned action

Manifestation through applied energetics

Embodiment of heightened senses

Exploration of ritual and ceremony

Deepening our connection to self and self-awareness

Ideal for sensitives, this group will ground your gifts into daily life and any projects calling to be birthed through you. Together, we will intricately craft a dream and narrative, creating a fresh tale within the tapestry of our shared dream weaving.  

This group is for mature women who know themselves but may not fully be living that truth—this is an opportunity to break free. If you’re holding back your gifts or unsure of the next steps, this sacred space is crafted for you.

Sacred non-ordinary spaces foster a connection with the mystery of life, bridging the seen with the unseen. Deepen trust, unfold your path, and be part of a group that supports the flowering of your heart. Join me and five others to amplify our lived dreams made manifest.

Women's Group
Woman by a river, pouring water into a bowl.

Being in a group supports the flowering of your heart and her cup runneth over and shares the overflow. When joy and wisdom converge in a celebratory remembrance of your true self, uniting with sisters in profound growth propels us toward our magnificence.

Join me and five others as we amplify our lived dreams made manifest.

Embrace the essence of an awakened woman prepared to share her authentic self with the world.

There is no power greater.

We will have 4 weekly calls a month and exercises and activities to prompt us towards supportive growth and drop us into our creative juices. 

Join me for an extraordinary experience of coming alive. For years I’ve bridged the unseen with the seen. It’s so much fun to play in a co-creative space where when we intentionally come together to create world shifts. As a medicine woman and seer, I call forward others with gifts that aren’t being used to be of service to themselves or the greater whole.


My time with Angela is consistently groundbreaking. I have benefitted from her coaching both in group and individual settings. Angela is an expert at holding my vision so that I may align my dreams with my reality and get “unstuck.” Over the course of her coaching, I have made huge strides towards self-love including speaking up for myself, resigning from a job that no longer serves me, taking a leap on a more soul-aligned career, and having the courage to cultivate another source of income through my rental property. Angela has helped me move toward financial freedom and towards a career path that aligns more with my soul purpose. I will continue to work with her for many years in the future because of the awareness and catalytic properties she has brought into my life!


“In the last three months tell me what changed in your life from when we began?” Wow. Wow! So many shifts and so much growth! I feel like I am just a totally different (much better) person. 

  • I am now well aware of where I am headed—Building The Sanctuary
  • I am learning how to cook and make great tasting food (I completely manifested my friend Robin, sending me weekly cooking videos)
  • I am listening to my body and what she wants to do everyday – stretching, journaling, crafting, creating.  
  • I am laughing more, with my spouse, my children, my friends. 
  • I love my body.  I love myself.  HUGE from where I was. 

Join today

Invest in yourself with a 6-month journey. Set up a call and be considered for this sacred space. Let’s co-create a world where intentional gatherings lead to transformative shifts.