Womb Wisdom

Are you ready to lean into your magnificence in yourself and your life?

Coming in 2024
Enrollment begins December 2023

This group is for you if you’ve never done coaching, you’re ready for one-to-one work, but would like the support of a small sister group. 

This is cultivated and curated for each woman that says “yes.”

We will go on a journey together for clarity, wisdom, and trust.

Aligning our hearts and bodies for action that supports who we are here to be.

Flower petals

If you have something that’s been calling you to birth…but you don’t know how to get it going or take the steps towards your dreams and desires, then this group is for you.

Where we blend the inner and outer work.

Where we balance the joys and sorrows of gently leaning into our edges to expand.

Weaving our dreams for the collective together.

Ceremony and ritual becomes a part of coming back into your power.

Each month will be a theme to move us in and out into our experience and expression.

A few years ago I lead an in-person womb circle and I found that woman need a safe space to be seen, heard, and express their deepest truth and longings.

When we are held within this together we grow faster and create change on a deeper level in ourselves.

This group was inspired by that group of woman.

Women's Group

Each woman that says yes to themselves says yesto the greater part of them wanting to emerge!

Woman by a river, pouring water into a bowl.
Let’s co-create together.

Birthing a new you in many ways.

Like a baby stretches the womb to be created, you will be asked to stretch yourself to birth a new you.

New desires, new projects.

Life gets to get so good when we say “yes” to stretching ourselves!

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